Expert for digital transformation and innovation management

The digital transformation brings about change in all areas of life. It impacts business models, corporate strategies as well as people. Embracing those changes has been the focus of my work in business consultancy as well as my own ventures for over two decades.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and change management are my passion, profession and calling at the same time. Working in business consultancy and hence shaping the digital change actively fills me with a great sense of satisfaction.

My current challenge

Digital leadership & digital transformation

Digital innovation holds an enormous – yet untapped – potential in all areas of life and business. Focusing on risks instead of chances, outdated processes and a non-digital mindset pose obstacles for successful business models.

Overcoming those obstacles requires an open discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the digital transformation and the active integration into change management. 

I yield my know-how into practice as well as into versatile consulting mandates including my role on the advisory board of the Foundation Oroborus.

It is of upmost importance to me to especially involve people and organizations skeptical of the digital transformation. I keep chances and risks in mind but put my dedicated focus on the potentials of digitalization. 

The impact of digitalization on companies, business models and on our society as a whole has been the focus of my work since my graduation. As a pioneer in my field, I have worked in various positions as change manager, angel investor and entrepreneur ever since. A dedicated entrepreneurial spirit, digital leadership and a positive attitude towards the digital transformation shape my personality.

Still, I enjoy spending my leisure time offline surrounded by nature.

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